About McCarthur’s Broken Hill Minerals

Well, the story starts out like this.

Around 2011, we were offered a collection of mineral specimens and cutting rock rough. There were enough specimens and rocks in the collection to fill a 60ft x 20ft shed.

At the time, I was nervous about taking on the opportunity, but a close friend suggested that I give it a go, and so the journey began.

My wife and I decided to open a shop in Broken Hill selling AFL merchandise and we gave it a red hot go. This was two years after our purchase of the rock collection.

After three years, we found that just selling football merchandise was limiting our business so we decided to add a few rocks and minerals into the shop. We gradually added specimens, mineral flat by mineral flat, and now we are a full on mineral and crystals shop.

Being in Broken Hill, we have minerals at our doorstep and we have purchased mineral collections of many sizes over the past few years, and built up a stock base of a few thousand specimens. We do our best to keep the quality of our specimens at a good level and keep our prices affordable for all types of collectors, from children up to the serious mineral collector.

We are not collectors of minerals ourselves. We do not keep the best and sell what is left. We have a price on everything. We enjoy minerals and often dwell on the beauty of individual specimens. We also love talking to and interacting with our customers and finding specimens that they are seeking for their collections. It is very satisfying when our customers’ faces light up when they see a specimen they have been looking for to add to their collection.

Broken Hill is world-renowned by collectors of fine minerals, and we are happy to offer our specimens to our current and future customers. We are still in our infancy when it comes to selling mineral specimens, but we do our best to provide a good product at a good price.