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Orthoclase Broken Hill
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SOLD B3F2103 Plumbian Orthoclase, Rasp Mine, Broken Hill

Plumbian orthoclase (green feldspar), a mineral that is found with lead and zinc deposits. This specimen has deep green colour and is from the Rasp Mine, South area, Broken Hill. Specimen measures approx. 90mm x 65mm. Price $50.00.

Nundorite Sphere
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SOLD N1 Nundorite Sphere

Nundorite is a rare rock made up of aegirine and feldspar and has only been found in the Broken Hill district within 200km of Broken Hill. Made up of minerals but not a mineral itself, Nundorite is used for cutting…

Beryl, Triple Chance Mine
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SOLD B3E2103 Beryl, Triple Chance Mine, Broken Hill District

Beryl specimen from Triple Chance Mine, Broken Hill district. From the collection of Lou Forner. This specimen of beryl was mined in the 1970s by Lou Forner. It has a nice crystal structure and has a nice mix of yellow…

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SOLD B3D2103 Rhodochrosite, Zinc Mine, Broken Hill

Calcite crystals with rhodochrosite and pyrite crystals on leached galena and sphalerite ore, Broken Hill. Specimen is approx. 90 x 60 mm wide. Price $110.00.

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SOLD B2I2102 Smithsonite, Broken Hill

Green smithsonite tear drop crystals in cavities and around garnet and quartz matrix, Broken Hill. Specimen measures approx. 130 x 90mm. Price $65.00.

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SOLD B2D2102 Pyrite, Kutnohorite/Calcite, Broken Hill

Pyrite crystals on kutnohorite/calcite, Broken Hill. Specimen measures approx. 75 x 40mm. Price $75.00.

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SOLD B2C2102 Cerussite, Broken Hill

Large arrowhead cerussite with garnets and goethite-covered anglesite crystals. Specimen measures approx. 85 x 30mm. Price $165.00.

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SOLD B1E2102 Manganoan Calcite, Broken Hill

Pink manganoan calcite with concentric growth and stunning fluorescent colour under longwave UV light. The specimen measures approx. 105mm x 55mm and weighs approx. 500g. Price $195.00.

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SOLD B1F2102 Rhodonite, North Mine, Broken Hill

Gemmy rhodonite crystals in cleaved galena, North Mine, Broken Hill. Main rhodonite crystal measures approx. 5mm x 3mm and the specimen including galena measures approx. 10mm x 10mm. Price $55.00.