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Almandine Garnet Ex Milton Lavers (stock code COL022400)

A beautiful almandine garnet in mica matrix from the Collection of Milton Lavers . A classic rhombic dodecahedron shape garnet from Irelands Mine, Thackaringa Station, Broken Hill district. Garnet size is 45×35 mm approximately with the matrix base approx 50mm…

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SOLD Almandine Garnet from Irelands Mine, Thackaringa Station Area (stock code B7AB0522)

Almandine garnet with traces of maybe a chlorite or mica schist? from Irelands Mine, Thackaringa Station area, 1980s. Ex Marjorie Walsh collection. Specimen has a beautiful shape with limited damage. Measures approx. 90mm across. Scales show the weight. Price $80.00….