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SOLD Green Plumbian Feldspar (stock code F8I2302)

Green plumbian feldspar with traces of spessartine garnets and galena. Specimen measures approx 55x25mm. Price $30.00. See Mindat for more on Broken Hill minerals. Remember to check out our other items for sale.

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SOLD Plumbian Orthoclase Green Feldspar Broken Hill (stock code F8G2302)

The green feldspar from Broken Hill is very uncommon in the world and a sought after specimen. This particular specimen has some garnet sandstone and mica attached. It is a beautiful representation. Specimen measures approx 120x80mm.  Price $120.00. See Mindat…

Orthoclase Broken Hill
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SOLD B3F2103 Plumbian Orthoclase, Rasp Mine, Broken Hill

Plumbian orthoclase (green feldspar), a mineral that is found with lead and zinc deposits. This specimen has deep green colour and is from the Rasp Mine, South area, Broken Hill. Specimen measures approx. 90mm x 65mm. Price $50.00.