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SOLD B2C2102 Cerussite, Broken Hill

Large arrowhead cerussite with garnets and goethite-covered anglesite crystals. Specimen measures approx. 85 x 30mm. Price $165.00.

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SOLD B1E2102 Manganoan Calcite, Broken Hill

Pink manganoan calcite with concentric growth and stunning fluorescent colour under longwave UV light. The specimen measures approx. 105mm x 55mm and weighs approx. 500g. Price $195.00.

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SOLD B1F2102 Rhodonite, North Mine, Broken Hill

Gemmy rhodonite crystals in cleaved galena, North Mine, Broken Hill. Main rhodonite crystal measures approx. 5mm x 3mm and the specimen including galena measures approx. 10mm x 10mm. Price $55.00.