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Apophyllite Crystals (stock code F9O2305)

From Broken Hill, fully-terminated apophyllite crystals on a calcite mixed with iron oxide matrix. These are large crystals of apophyllite for Broken Hill. Specimen measures approximately 60x60mm. Price $200.00. $150.00. See Mindat for more on Broken Hill minerals. Remember to…

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Botryoidal Pyromorphite (stock code F9K2305)

From Broken Hill, botryoidal pyromorphite crystals with cerussite. A stunning specimen of pyromorphite in a very unusual form from Broken Hill. Specimen measures approximately 50x30mm. Price $350.00. $250.00. See Mindat for more on Broken Hill minerals. Remember to check out…

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Hairy Bustamite from the North Mine, Broken Hill (stock code B7J0322)

Fibrous (“Hairy”) bustamite with hedenbergite crystals surrounding the specimen. It doesn’t matter which way you look at this specimen, you find it amazingly interesting. There are numerous fibrous bustamite crystals interweaving throughout the specimen with crisp hedenbergite crystals from the…

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Calcite from Broken Hill, Ex Milton Lavers Collection (stock code B6ML2513)

Calcite with sphalerite surrounding the main crystal and secondary growth calcite crystals. Specimen measures approximately 60x25mm. Ex: Milton Lavers Collection numbered 2513. Price $295.00. $150.00. See Mindat for more on Broken Hill minerals. Remember to check out our other items…

Wurtzite Galena Broken Hill
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B3G2103 Wurtzite and Galena, Broken Hill

B3G2103 Wurtzite and secondary galena on galena from Broken Hill. The specimen has a very good strong fluorescence under long wave UV light. Specimen measures approx. 70mm x 55mm. Price $250.00. Reduced to $110.00.

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B3C2103 Rhodochrosite on Sturtite, Zinc Mine, Broken Hill

This specimen is pretty interesting and can be displayed either side depending on what you like most I guess. Rhodochrosite on sturtite with calcite and reverse is mangano-calcite with calcite and sturtite, Zinc Mine, Broken Hill. Specimen is approx. 100…