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Hairy Bustamite with Fluorite Crystals from the Zinc Corp Mine, Broken Hill (stock code B5H111)

Fibrous (hairy) bustamite with fluorite crystals in clusters that are fluorescent under longwave ultraviolet light, a bluish purple colour. Zinc Corp Mine, Broken Hill. Specimen measures approximately 65x45mm. Price $140.00. See Mindat for more on Broken Hill minerals. Remember to…

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Manganoan Calcite and Sphalerite from Broken Hill (stock code B4A2103)

Manganoan calcite with sphalerite from Broken Hill. Specimen measures approx. 70 x 50mm and exhibits stunning fluorescence under LW UV light. Price $30.00. See Mindat for more on Broken Hill minerals. Remember to check out our other items for sale.

Wurtzite Galena Broken Hill
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B3G2103 Wurtzite and Galena, Broken Hill

B3G2103 Wurtzite and secondary galena on galena from Broken Hill. The specimen has a very good strong fluorescence under long wave UV light. Specimen measures approx. 70mm x 55mm. Price $250.00. Reduced to $200.00.

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B3C2102 Calcite, Broken Hill

Large dog tooth calcite crystal specimen that has a beautiful fluorescent orange or pink colour depending on the Long Wave UV light you have. Specimen measures approx. 310mm x 130mm. Price $295.00.

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B2A2102 Fluorite, Calcite, Broken Hill

Fluorite crystals on calcite crystals. Fluorite crystals measure up to 3mm and fluoresce a beautiful purple colour under our longwave UV light. The calcite crystals fluoresce orange under one longwave UV light and pink under another longwave UV light. UV…

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B1E2102 Manganoan Calcite, Broken Hill

Pink manganoan calcite with concentric growth and stunning fluorescent colour under longwave UV light. The specimen measures approx. 105mm x 55mm and weighs approx. 500g. Price $195.00.

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B1B2102 Manganoan Calcite, Zinc Mine, Broken Hill

Manganoan calcite single large crystal (fluorescent under LW UV light), Zinc Mine, Broken Hill. Measurements approx. 110mm x 50mm. Price $450.00.

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B1A2102 Pyrite on Calcite, Zinc Mine, Broken Hill

Lustrous pyrite on calcite (the calcite is fluorescent under LW UV light), Zinc Mine Broken Hill. Measurements approx. 50mm x 15mm. Price $55.00.